Black Mental Health: Empowering Black Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

Date: Thursday 23rd March 2023
Time: 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Location: Kuits, Blackfriars House, St Mary's Parsonage, M3 2JA
Cost: Free

The reasons behind mental health stigma within Black communities are nuanced and complex but need to be understood if workplaces are going to create psychologically safe environments for all employees.

Here are some statistics to think about. According to the MHFA England Race Equity Impact report in 2021:
• Half of Black Britons say they are as likely to have experienced racism at work as in the street.
• 29% of Black people say their mental health has been negatively impacted by racism experienced at work.
• Over 70% ethnic minority workers said they have experienced racial harassment at work in the past five years.
• 33% of Black employees feel that their ethnicity will be a barrier to their next career move compared to only 1% of white employees.

Mental health initiatives typically have a one-or-two-sizes-fits-all approach. Yet, we know that many Black colleagues and employees don’t experience the world the same way their white colleague do, so it’s important to tailor mental health to individuals, which coincidentally also happened to be the theme for World Mental Health Day earlier this month.

Moving forward positively, and in continuity of this conversation all-year-round and not just in October, we’re committed to this year’s theme ‘Time for Change: Action Not Words’. This roundtable will seek to discuss strategies and new approaches for leading and empowering a modern workforce.

About the Speakers:

Obehi Alofoje Director - Aurora

Obehi Alofoje is a psychologist, stress management consultant, and productivity coach who supports HR and C-suite leaders to implement effective and impactful mental wellbeing & productivity strategies in the workplace. She also coaches leaders to manage stressful situations at work, and to overcome traumatic experiences, affecting their mental health. Obehi delivers simple but effective mental wellbeing and productivity strategies designed to help senior leaders and their teams thrive at work, thereby preventing the rise of professional burnout and a rapid decline of good mental health in a post-COVID era.

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