future-pro Feast Club

Date: Thursday 30th May 2024
Time: 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Location: The Alchemist, 1 New York Street, Manchester, M1 4HD
Cost: £35 (member) / £45 (non-member)
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Indulge your senses and expand your network at "future-pro Feast Club", a brand-new networking event curated by pro-manchester’s future-pro Committee.

In a departure from traditional networking events, we invite you to ditch the drinks and try out a 'foodie' experience instead, all whilst making connections with like-minded professionals.

What’s included, we hear you ask?

👥 Connect Over Cuisine: Bid farewell to the conventional cocktail mixer and 3 course dinners and embrace a fresh approach to networking. Engage in vibrant conversations and forge new relationships as you explore a diverse array of delicious sharing plates from The Alchemist's brand new Cosmic Supper Club menu.
🎙️ Motivational Talk: Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and equipped with the tools to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape as you listen in to our exciting guest speaker, Lewis Ellis, share his personal journey within the industry.
🌟 Why Attend: • Expand your professional network in a relaxed atmosphere. • Experience the power of connection through shared culinary experiences. • Gain valuable insights and inspiration from an engaging motivational talk. • Cultivate meaningful conversations with industry peers and thought leaders. • Elevate your networking game with a fresh, innovative approach.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on Thursday 30th May ’24 at The Alchemist for an exciting new approach to networking.

Ticket Price Includes...

X3 Sharing Plates PP

X1 Drink Voucher PP

(WARNING: if you don't like sharing, this event may not be for you!)

About the Speakers:

Lewis Ellis Chief Attention Seeker - Hussel Marketing
Hey my name is Lewis Ellis and to cut things short, I’ve built the UK’s Most Unorthodox & Disruptive Marketing/Advertising Agency.
How I hear you ask!? Well hear me out…
My skills have always been creatively shaking sh*t up in unusual ways (even as a young Padwan) and I’ve always had a blast whilst doing it!
You see creativity and chaos feeds my soul!
Back in 2019 I featured on BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ making it to the Final Five and I had it all planned out. I wanted to start a travel company.
But thank you Covid, my whole world came crashing down around me as lockdown ensued, international travel was banned and my employer rang me to say “hey, we can no longer keep you” … Just a really brilliant time (note sarcasm)
Anyway… I started Hussel to survive back then, I mean I had no choice, everyone else was eligible for furlough whereas I couldn’t claim and nobody was hiring.
I decided to take the plunge and setup my own digital agency with a difference!
Fed-up of the uninspired, tedious and quite simply, boring marketing modus operandi, my aim was always to ‘shake things up’ and harness my naturally disruptive personality to inject brands with a more effective strategy that invites consumers into the business, and execute the wildest ideas better than anyone had done before.
Fast-forward to present day and the business has carved out it’s own niche in a pretty bland environment, despite it supposedly being a creative industry, go figure huh. We  now work on amazing projects with some of the coolest most innovative brands and we tend to attract only the most forward-thinking clients. And for that, I’m honestly so thankful.
I don’t know where Hussel will be in a few years, but I’m hella excited about what could be!

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