How high performing Directors and Founders turned setbacks into stepping stones for success

Date: Wednesday 7th February 2024
Time: 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Location: Weightmans LLP, No. 1, Spinningfields, Hardman Square, , M3 3EB
Cost: Free
Member Event
Wellbeing & Wellness

An open and interactive discussion with activities and insights to help anyone turn challenges in the workplace or personal life, into opportunities.

This event is designed for anyone seeking strategies to maintain work-life balance, for those navigating major life transitions such as parenthood or career shifts, for anyone struggling with their emotional resilience and coping mechanisms, for leaders looking to foster a supportive and inclusive workplace.

It is also for those with personal issues at home that they are working to prevent from affecting their work, individuals who have been off work and feel anxious about returning to the office, those struggling to find their place in a close-knit team after moving departments, and anyone looking to build stronger team bonds.

Whether you are facing challenges on a personal or professional level, whether those challenges are with yourself, or you have noticed them amongst your team, this event aims to provide valuable insights and tools for individuals at various stages of their journeys.

About the Speakers:

Alex Clapp Founder - Claritee Group

Alex Clapp has owned multiple businesses in the North West including his flagship firm, County Cost Consultant for 23 years. Regarding the costs law sector, County Cost has retained its longevity due to his forward thinking and versatility.

Earlier this year, Alex co-founded Claritee, a corporate wellness company comprising no alcohol corporate events, bespoke corporate training and the recent establishment of a CIO department.

Claritee was born from Alex’s struggle with addiction as a result of a deteriorating eye condition that developed in 2015. With no confirmed diagnosis, Alex resorted to alcohol to cope with his mental health, covering up to family, friends and peers about his affliction. Thankfully, after seeking help, Alex attended multiple rehabilitation centres and has been sober for 9 months.

Through his own plight, Alex endeavoured to help others in a similar situation; individuals in the corporate sphere who may be struggling to admit vulnerabilities. Claritee’s mission is to provide services which encourage individuals to prioritise their wellbeing and instil practices to maintain positive mindsets.


Major Anthony Sandle Strategic Training Director - Claritee Group

Tony Sandle has served in the military for decades, equipping him with skills and experiences that have formed his current outlook and passion for mentoring and supporting others.

With his expertise in developing individuals and teams in personal growth and team cohesion, Tony has helped hundreds of people with the implementation of tangible, achievable practices that assist positive, productive transformation.

Heading Claritee’s corporate training division, Tony excels in connecting with others and creating the catalyst for mindset and attitude shifts that can be applied in either any area of life, be it personal or professional.

James Marquis Psychology Coach - James Marquis

I am a professional psychology coach, consultant and trainer. I have significant experience in the areas of psychology and mental health and work with individuals and organisations to create effective solutions for any person, situation or environment.

Over 730 individual clients successfully assisted
► 10’s of 1000’s of hours of Face-to Face client experience
► Able to assist all forms of people difficulties and mental health difficulties
► Able to help improve workplace situations
► Over 120 Group trainings & presentations delivered

Development through coaching, training, presentations & workshops, or through more direct support for individuals & groups.

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