How much do you need to sell your business?

Date: Tuesday 3rd October 2023
Time: 08:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: Shoosmiths, The XYZ Building, 2 Harman Boulevard, Spinningfields , Manchester , M3 3AZ
Cost: Free
Corporate Finance, VC and PE
Member Event

Are you a business owner looking to sell your company and embark on the next chapter of your entrepreneurial journey? Join us for an exclusive event that will provide invaluable insights into what it takes to sell your business, get it valued accurately, and thrive in the post-capitalization phase.

In this dynamic and engaging gathering, industry experts will guide you through the intricacies of selling a business and help you make informed decisions that maximize the value of your hard work.
During the event, you will gain valuable knowledge on various topics, including:

1. Preparing Your Business for Sale: Discover the crucial steps and strategies to enhance the attractiveness of your company to potential buyers. Learn about optimizing financial records, organizing documentation, and positioning your business in the market to secure the best possible sale price.

2. Accurate Business Valuation: Understand the intricacies of valuing your business objectively. Industry-leading appraisers will share their expertise, explaining the methodologies used and the key factors that impact the valuation process. Learn how to avoid undervaluing or overestimating your business's worth and negotiate a fair deal.

3. Life After the Sale: Selling your business can be both exhilarating and challenging. Knowing your next move may be difficult to navigate. Understanding what is important to you will help steer you in the right direction. Expert speakers will address how to Plan your wealth where there is a mental shift from necessity to desires and wealth preservation.

About the Speakers:

Ed Stubbs Financial Planner - xentum

Keen cricketer Ed has been with us since he was a fresh graduate in 2014. Once a scorer of 200 runs for Cheshire U14’s, now Ed is accustomed to putting 100% into every Xentum client he works with. In fact, he likes nothing better than sitting in a client meeting seeing that he has made a genuine difference to someone’s life.

In the future, Ed has extensive travel plans – sailing the Adriatic and seeing the Northern lights from an Igloo in Finland are but a few of these. Ed’s number one holiday dream, however, would be storm chasing in the American Midwest with the hope of seeing a Tornado. If he does find one, though, we hope he doesn’t get too close because we would hate to lose such a fine member of staff.



Andrew Jones Principal / Part time -

25 Years experience in finance roles across multiple sectors including 10 years as a Finance Director in both UK and Global businesses.

Experience includes
– Supporting businesses through significant periods of growth
– Working with Board members to set strategy
– Developing finance teams
– Acquisitions & integrations
– Setting up a shared service function
– Due Diligence leading to the sale of a business
– Cashflow management
– Year end audit management
– Tenders
– Costing
– US GAAP reporting

Specialties: Managing and developing finance teams in a challenging and changing environment whilst improving the quality and quantity of financial reporting.

Providing financial support across business areas to ensure profitable growth

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