Millennials are from Mars; Gen Z are from Venus

Date: Thursday 26th September 2019
Time: 08:00 AM - 09:30 AM
Location: Neo, 9 Charlotte Street, Manchester, M1 4ET

In 2025, 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials and Gen Z.  As employers focus on attracting millennial talent, they must not ignore the aspirations and demands of Gen Z and prepare themselves for the changing demographics of the workforce to compete in the war on talent.

With Gen Z increasingly looking for alternative routes into the workplace, are traditional graduate schemes the best ways to attract and retain top Gen Z talent? Are these methods outdated and damaging your overall employer brand? How are Gen Z looking to enter the workforce and how are companies making their talent strategies modern and competitive?

Come and hear from top HR professionals on what talent strategies are effective in securing top talent, future proofing your workforce and reinforcing your employer brand. Talent is the key to company growth, make sure you’re not stifling yours.

About the Speakers:

Ben Chatfield Co-Founder and CEO - Tempo

Having worked in recruitment both as a consultant and in-house for Hambro Perks and City Pantry, Ben quickly realised that recruitment was the most important thing companies do, but also the hardest. He decided to create a solution that made finding top candidates not only easier and faster, but also more exciting.

Ben founded Tempo in 2017 and since its launch has helped businesses including Monzo and Bulb scale quickly and efficiently. But Ben’s mission to disrupt the world of recruitment does not stop here. Recognising that the working world is changing, Ben aims to create a platform that will meet the shift in demand for learning, development and flexible working opportunities.

Jennifer Atkins People Director - Bruntwood

Jen joined Bruntwood in 2012 and is the People Director across Bruntwood’s group of companies.
Leading the People and Talent teams, Jen works with the board to develop the colleague strategy and organisational culture. She has a particular focus on developing the companies’ diversity and inclusion agenda.
Bruntwood were proud to become members of the Good Employment Charter in late 2019 after being part of the pilot group. Jen is a member of the GEC Programme board, providing oversight on the delivery of the Charter and acting as a champion for good employment, strategically driving the charter forward to deliver the outcomes and benefits for all employers across Greater Manchester.

Jen is also a trustee at Hideout Youth Zone in Gorton which opened in September 2020 as a safe and inspiring place for thousands of young people to spend their leisure time.

Simon Halkyard Head of Resourcing - ASDA

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