Supercharge your events with games to boost audience engagement

Date: Wednesday 9th March 2022
Time: 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
Location: etc.venues, 11 Portland Street, , M1 3HU
Cost: Free

Calling anyone involved in event planning and management. Want to learn how to make your events more engaging?

Well, we need your help. This event, right here – it’s at risk of putting you to sleep. In fact, loads of events are. So many of them, neat and tidy, but lacking truly exciting interaction and engagement for the audience.

And if we want our audiences to remember our events, to rave about them, and to take away insights from them, we need them to be engaging.

So we thought we’d use games to make this very event more interactive. And we need your help to create the games! Very experiential.

So this is us, formally inviting you to discover how games can boost audience engagement. We’ll co-create gamification strategies with you that might just show you how they can supercharge event engagement.

We’ll be looking at two types of games together…

  • Games for entertainment
  • Games for content engagement

Come play with us on 9th March, and we can discover together how we can make events more engaging through games.

About the Speakers:

Ben Fowler Founder -

Ben has always had an interest in games, from drama games to board games, and in 2016 a first ever escape room experience led to an epiphany that in the next few years, he wanted to launch his own business that harnessed the value of games to create better experiences for people.

He launched Alternate Experiences in September 2019, using games and gamification to create experiences that are more engaging and valuable for businesses, employees and their customers. To date, they’ve run a range of bespoke and off the shelf games.

Ben is passionate about the role games can play in the workplace, from Monopoly Deal teaching us strategic thinking to Pac Man highlighting the importance of quick decision making. Ben has even started a podcast, “Let’s Play Business!”, talking about this very topic with guests (

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