Unmasking the Imposter Mindset

Date: Tuesday 13th February 2024
Time: 08:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: BNY Mellon, One Piccadilly Gardens, , M1 1RG
Cost: Free
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Unlock the secrets of self-discovery and personal growth at our transformative event, "Unmasking the Imposter Mindset." Join us for an enlightening exploration into the depths of self-perception, imposter syndrome, and the journey towards authentic self-confidence.

Do you ever feel like you don't deserve your achievements? Are you haunted by the fear of being exposed as a fraud, despite evidence of your competence? If so, you're not alone. Many high-achieving individuals experience the phenomenon known as the "Imposter Mindset," a psychological pattern that undermines one's own accomplishments and creates self-doubt.

During this event, we will delve into the origins of imposter syndrome, examining its roots in perfectionism, fear of failure, and societal expectations. Our expert speakers and facilitators will guide you through practical strategies to recognise, confront, and overcome these self-limiting beliefs.

Hear from a diverse panel of successful individuals who have confronted and conquered their imposter mindset. Gain inspiration from their stories and learn how they turned self-doubt into a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

About the Speakers:

Kelsey Greenaway Senior Consultant, Trainer, and Leadership Coach - Dale Carnegie

Kelsey Greenaway is a Senior Consultant, Trainer, and Leadership Coach for Dale Carnegie. Her client profile consists of clients such as CFG Law, Adidas, Cardinal Maritime, BNY Mellon and Interbev International.  Kelsey’s focus is on enabling businesses to hit key targets and achieve their strategic objectives by supporting people and teams to be result motivated and role confident. She specialises in culture, team collaboration, personal and team performance, communication and high impact presentations.

Sean Turner Global Head of Corporate Trust Operations - BNY Mellon

Hired in 2005 in Manchester, UK, as part of an apprenticeship / early careers programme, during his almost 2 decades, Sean has worked across multiple businesses / disciplines within the firm. His career has spanned Custody, including Settlements, Income and Tax operations, supporting the Asset Servicing business; Payments, Investigations, Reconciliation and Client Services, primarily supporting our Treasury Services business; and Liquidity, Central Bank & Infrastructure monitoring, supporting our Corporate Treasury and Finance function.

During his tenure, Sean has played an instrumental role in some of the firm’s most notable successes, including becoming a direct participant and shareholder in the UK Clearing House Automated Payment System and in target2, the equivalent Eurozone payment system, as well as some of the biggest technology and operating model enhancements.

In 2016, Sean was named ‘Banker of the Year’ in the Greater Manchester, ‘Made in Manchester’ awards. In December 2017, Sean was appointed as ‘Director’, and in 2022 an ‘Executive Manager’, he is responsible for 2000 people over 15 locations across the globe.

In addition to his functional, operational role, Sean was also recently appointed the Manchester Site Executive. As 1 of 6 Strategic locations, Manchester has 2000 employees across 30 functions, Sean is responsible for leading the site, driving the strategy, including people engagement, our relationship with charity, government and industry partners, for amplifying the firm’s brand to attract talent and for the development of our real-estate and infrastructure execution.

Maria Moneva Business Psychologist - Impact Consulting Psychologists Ltd

Maria is the Senior Business Psychologist and Head of Assessment at Impact Psychology for Business. She is passionate about driving real behaviour change and delivering improved personal and business results. Maria designs and delivers bespoke and evidence-based development interventions for clients in both the private and public sectors, focusing on Impact’s five pillars – Leadership, Talent, Change, Wellbeing, and Performance. She is also a qualified Personal and Business Coach. Her work is strongly guided by her values of making a difference, compassion, fairness, and excellence.

Before joining Impact Psychology for Business in 2020, Maria had a successful career in Human Resources in Social Care. She also has extensive experience in personnel selection, having worked at the UK’s largest specialised recruitment agency. This, coupled with her passion for wellbeing and extensive understanding of the employee life cycle, enables her to have a compassionate yet pragmatic view of the needs of her clients.

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