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We’ve closed the door on BEE MORE for another year but we’ve still got plenty of great stuff to share with you from exclusive speaker content to free downloads, useful resources and the opportunity to catch up with all the sessions from the day in our video recap.

Speaker Resource: Mike Pye, 5Interactive
BLOG: The Hidden Cost of Bad Leads
BLOG: Work Smarter, Not Harder 
BLOG: How Professional Services Businesses Can Demonstrate More Value 

Speaker Resource: Steve Kuncewicz, Head of Creative, Digital and Marketing Sector Group, BLM 
PDF Presentation: Online Harms, The New GDPR

Speaker Resource: Alex Kington, Head of Global Marketing & Communications, TAG
EXTERNAL RESOURCE: Hubspot Personalisation Blog
EXTERNAL RESOURCE: Everyone Hates Marketers

Speaker Resource: J Cromack, Managing Director, My Life Digital
BLOG:  The Opportunities and Threats of Targeted Marketing

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