3 Days To Go Until Spark Summit!

22nd March 2021, 5:46 pm

Thursday 25th March 2021


We hope you’re as excited as we are for our first ever Spark Summit. We’ve been busy over the past few weeks chatting with all the incredible speakers and can’t wait to share their stories and insights with you.
We’ll fire across more details on Wednesday on how to watch the summit with everyone, but for now below is a roundup of the full lineup and the topics they’ll be chatting about.

Come for the whole morning, or dip in and out depending on the speaker.


Here’s what to expect

  • 09:00: Welcome – Heather Gray (Bruntwood Works)
  • In coversation: A year of change – Ciara Keeling (CEO, Bruntwood Works)
  • In conversation: A New Breed of Business, The Five Dogmas of Brewdog – David McDowall (COO & President, BrewDog)
  • Talk: Driving User Experience – Sajan Patel (UX/UI Designer, JLR) 
  • Talk: Scaling a Business You Love – Rimi Thapar (Founder, Love Raw)
  • Talk: Everything Is Marketing: AI-Powered Customer Experience – Tom Summerfield (Retail Director, Peak AI)
  • Talk: Rebuilding our Communities through Creativity – Roy Alexander Weise (Artistic Director, Royal Exchange)
  • Talk: Building a Culture of Innovation – Chris Smith (Chief Commercial Officer, IRIS Software Group)
  • Talk: A Ground-breaking Case Study: Growing an Inclusive Community – Jo Capper (Collaborative Programme Curator, Grand Union)
  • In conversation: White Goods Go Green – John Roberts (CEO, AO.com)
  • Talk: Customer Centric Innovation – Jonatan Pinkse (Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Alliance Business School, University of Manchester)
  • Close: Close – Heather Gray (Bruntwood Works)



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