Alltoogether launches employee benefits platform for SMEs

16th June 2023, 3:17 pm

Start-up Alltoogether has launched a new online employee benefits service for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Alltoogether’s dedicated platform aims to “simplify and enhance” the employee benefits experience, the start-up detailed.

The platform is targeted at businesses with between 50 to 250 employees, addressing the “unique” challenges these organisations face with benefit administration by consolidating core benefits and providing personalised access.

Zak Fenton, founder of Alltoogether, said over 40% of employees are unaware of or don’t understand their benefits.

Through the new service, employees have personalised access to a dashboard where all their benefits can be viewed in one place to increase education on the benefits available, including healthcare, protection and lifestyle benefits, alongside wellbeing policies and support services.

According to Alltoogether, employee benefits such as health and life insurance, cash plans, and employee assistance programs (EAPs) are “tucked away on intranets and pieces of paper, leaving employees in the dark about their benefits and unaware of their true value.”

Additionally, total reward statements will also be available through the platform, which Alltoogether described as a “standout feature”. The reward statements breakdown the overall value of an employee’s benefits package, allowing staff members to understand the rewards they receive through their employment.

Alltoogether is in the process of finding and onboarding 100 SMEs as early adopters to try the platform and take part in the feedback and development process.

Fenton commented: “Employee benefits platforms are traditionally prohibitively expensive, and typically only available to large employers so we wanted to create something accessible to everyone. Our goal is to transform the way employees access their benefits and in turn, tap into the employee value proposition.”

“Our goal is to transform the way SMEs approach employee benefits by providing a central hub for accessing and managing all their benefits, while also providing valuable insights through personalised total reward statements.”

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