Learn more about online security issues and how to protect your place of work with Greater Manchester Police and Green CDL

20th May 2020, 8:22 am

The Cyber Resilience Centre

Online crime continues to evolve with devastating financial consequences, but what does this mean for businesses? How can you keep your place of work safe from cybercriminals and what is at stake?

Join us on the 28th May as we discuss the latest cybercrime trends, what businesses can do to prevent attacks and what laws and methods are in place to tackle this growing problem.

Event Agenda

– 2pm – Sarah Dention, Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester


– 2.05pm – Detective Superintendent Neil Jones, Greater Manchester Police.

Online Crime. Report It. Prevent It.

DSupt Neil Jones is the Senior Responsible Officer for Cybercrime for the North West. He will discuss local online crime trends, provide guidance for businesses to stay safe online and explain why it is important to report cybercrime (and how to do it).

– 2.20pm – Emma Green, Green CDL

Cyber Crime and the Law

Green CDL are cyber security and law specialists. Emma will be discussing the types of offences and how they map to the laws, including max sentences (Hacking, Malware, phishing, intellectual property etc).

2.35pm – Question for our speakers

This event will take place on Zoom with the appropriate security measures in place. The event’s login details will be emailed to attendees an hour before the event.

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