Member Spotlight: Abby Noonan, Digital & Marketing Manager – Lifeshare

1st February 2024, 10:57 am

I’m Abby and I am the Digital & Marketing Manager at Lifeshare, the oldest homelessness charity in Manchester. I am originally from Western New York but came to Manchester to obtain my MSc in Operations, and Supply Chain Management with a focus on Project Management. I love trying new restaurants, baking at home, travelling to new places, and seeing live music with my friends!

Career highlight: There are so many wonderful moments! In the last year Lifeshare ended up appearing on the BBC Breakfast Couch (due to some amazing help from Meanwhile), we won a BCIA for the best Community Impact Initiative of the Year across the entire country, and personally, I was awarded a Manchester Young Talent Award for Marketing and Communications Professional of the Year.

Name three words that describe your personality: Focused, Passionate, Caring

What’s the best thing about pro-manchester? It’s great to meet so many engaged people who want to improve and contribute to their communities!

What are your priorities for 2024? In 2024 I want to keep growing and learning as well as making connections in my community. I have always been passionate about growing my skills and trying new things and I want to keep that focus. Also, as an immigrant, building community can be incredibly difficult but I have found so many wonderful people in Manchester and I’d love to be able to expand that further!

I also want to try to maximise work life balance this year. I love working hard, but I see how much more creative and energised I am when I make a point to switch off and recharge. I have found that doing activities, whether it be pilates, aerial classes, or a barre workout can be great for this and I’m always on the lookout for something fun to try!

What do you think are the most important things going on in Manchester at the moment? I think the beauty of Manchester is that there is a never ending list of new things happening every day! From my work I get to meet people across every sector from hospitality, to construction, to pharmaceuticals and it’s always impressive to see how many people want to help the city to grow and give back to those in their community!

Favourite meeting place in Manchester: I have to shout out Feel Good Club, whether you want a one on one with a cup of coffee, a small group in the greenhouse, or a big volunteer party, they can do it all! (And their food and drinks taste great!)

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