Member Spotlight: Jo Scott, Co-Founder & Group Director – Truth Creative

10th April 2024, 10:26 am

I’m Jo, co-founder and group director of Truth Creative. I’ve been in the creative industry for 23 years and managing Truth for 17 of those. I’m responsible for the client servicing side of the business and overall operations, whilst focusing on brand strategy and client growth.

2. Career highlight

There are a few highlights, as you’d expect after all that time (!), but I think my top three would be: launching University Academy 92 (UA92) to the media and seeing its new campus open, presenting the corporate rebrand for Sinclair in Portugal alongside the global brand team, and buying our Grade II listed agency building back in 2020.

3. Name three words that describe your personality

Dedicated. Passionate. Diligent.

4. What’s the best thing about pro-manchester

The best thing about pro-manchester is its community and unwavering commitment to Manchester-based businesses. As the chair for creative, digital and media, it’s a privilege to collaborate with passionate individuals who are striving to add value to the community and its members. I’ve attended some amazing events, but for me the difference pro-manchester brings is like-minded networking; and what I mean by that is the framework to make networking as easy and accessible as possible (I mean who doesn’t sometimes feel a bit awkward at events?!).

5. What are your priorities for 2024

My priorities for 2024 are to continue our drive for value-based products, to upskill the team and to service our existing clients with added value where we can, in addition to attracting new clients where we can continue to deliver to our exacting standards. We’re also investing in some renovations for the property, making it a fabulous place to work.

6. What do you think are the most important things going on in Manchester at the moment?

I think the city is in such an exciting phase of development. Manchester is growing and becoming not only a great destination for tourism but also a thriving business community – the investment in property alone is phenomenal and the landscape of the city has changed so much in recent years. I think there’s more growth to come, and I’m proud to be part of that.

7. Favourite meeting place in Manchester

Truth Towers of course 🙂

8. Are their any particular types of businesses that you would like to meet

Always open to meeting new people and businesses – we work across a diverse sector base given our branding specialism and the principles of that being universal. We love working with clients who are looking to grow their business – adding value to a client gives us a great deal of work satisfaction.


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