Safely Reopening GM – #SafeGM weekly update

14th July 2020, 1:49 pm

Working in partnership with TfGM and GMCA, the Growth Company has launched Safely Reopening GM – #SafeGM, a co-ordinated campaign ensuring employers and employees can access information supporting the safe return to workplaces as the economy reopens.

Safely Reopening GM directs people to, with information shared via social media using the #SafeGM hashtag.


Test and trace – All employers have a role to play in managing cases of Covid-19 in the workplace and supporting the NHS Test and Trace service. Visit this guide to find out more about the actions your business needs to take if there is a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19, and what you should do to minimise the risk of it spreading. We need to work together to safely reopen GM #SafeGM

Digital toolkit– As more and more businesses across the city-region reopen, it’s vital that precautions are put in place to reduce the risk of potential spread of Covid-19.

Find all the information you need to safely reopen your workplace over on the Safely Reopening GM digital toolkit. It includes advice on travel options, queue management, cleaning, how to stagger shift patterns and much more. Access the toolkit here #SafeGM

Risk assessment template – Before you start bringing staff back to your workplace, you need to be sure it’s safe to do so. It’s vital to complete and display a risk assessment so that staff and customers can be confident that measures are in place to protect them.

The Centre for Assessment, part of the Growth Company, has put together a free risk assessment template and guidance pack to help organisations plan and prepare for a safe reopening. Download yours here #SafeGM

Good hygieneGood hygiene in the workplace will be crucial as we begin to reopen Greater Manchester safely. From hand sanitising stations to regular and thorough cleans, there are numerous measures you should implement to prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect your staff, clients and customers.

Learn more about the Safely Reopening GM campaign – #SafeGM – and find out how we can work together to reopen GM safely and kickstart our economy

Staggered hours – Employers across Greater Manchester are being urged to introduce staggered shift patterns for their staff as we start to reopen the city-region safely. This can help to ease the peak rush on public transport – ultimately making it easier for people to social distance, and reduce any potential risk of the coronavirus spreading.

Learn more and let’s work together to create a #SafeGM

Workplace signage – As businesses are beginning to reopen safely, GC Business Growth Hub have developed some workplace signage which organisations can display around their sites to help employees maintain social distancing at all times. Find out more and download your copies #SafeGM

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