The Good Employment Learning Lab (GELL)

19th February 2021, 11:17 am

The Good Employment Learning Lab (GELL) is an innovative project seeking to develop practical insight into ‘what works best’ to develop and improve line manager capability in managing their people. Through GELL, a team at Man Met is offering specialist programmes to support line managers to tackle particular management challenges, including:

(1) Recruiting and managing a secure and agile team

(2) Fostering teamwork for innovation

(3) Harnessing skills and potential

GELL offers free Masterclasses, One-to-One Support in-firm from an HR professional and Peer Learning Groups, where line managers reflect on problems in small groups, and examine how effective these are in developing people management skills for line managers. Our aim is to find out what works best, for whom, when, where and why so that organisations can use our insight to target investment on effective development for line managers.

We would like to invite the organisations in your network to be a part of either GELL’s Greater Manchester Learning Lab or the Adult Social Care Learning Lab, and their managers to take part in these masterclasses, one-to-one support and peer learning groups. Managers can be involved in one or all of the activities.

By taking part in these free training sessions, organisations will have the opportunity to trial new forms of training and coaching and contribute to improving line management skills across Greater Manchester.

For those interested in taking part in our  masterclasses, one-to-one coaching and peer learning, please follow this link to express an interest: Participant Form

For more information on our offer please visit:

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