Top Tips from The Lowry Hotel

How to create inspiring meetings and events

13th August 2021, 4:14 pm

Read on for my top ten tips on how to create and design inspiring meetings and events

1: Inspiring Venue: A venue should inspire wellbeing, creativity and promote sharing of ideas. A well-lit (especially natural day light) ventilated room, coupled with comfortable chairs will maintain a high level of engagement and concentration. Adapting a room to reflect the brand of the client is an assured way to establish client loyalty and can be done with a few gestures I.e: uplighters displaying the corporate colour. These tips will ensure a more collaborative workplace experience

2: Inspiring food: Food offerings and menu engineering should be Inspiring, Indulgent and healthy. Produce should be sourced responsibly and sustainably and should be sourced from local suppliers allowing the client choice and creativity when selecting. Ensure your beverage offering is equally as healthy and easily accessible to delegates i.e.: A hydration station.

3: Inspiring Technology: It is essential to have a reliable supplier. AV offerings should be updated, forward thinking and affordable to meet the clients’ needs. Hybrid technology is crucial during this period and will be here for the foreseeable future, so being able to extend these services will stand you in good stead

4: Inspiring Service: Individual touches always make clients feel special and go a long way. Subject matter knowledge is always a firm favourite and shows your interest in the client and the content being delivered. Displaying a sense of empathy when needed will assure you of the clients’ return to your venue.

5: Inspiring Sustainability: Sustainability is fast becoming a key to a successful business and this is evermore becoming a prime concern for clients and corporates alike. Sustainability should be an integral part of a venue’s agenda. Best practices should be put into place in order to recycle, re-use and prevent waste whilst reducing energy use and lowering your carbon footprint. Sustainability is a lot more than just environmental issues; it is also social concerns such as inclusivity, promoting work-life balance, promoting employees’ health and wellbeing

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