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Wednesday, 25th November 2020

Whitepaper by CGI

The UK Water Sector’s opportunities to transform leveraging emerging technologies and data insights

CGI has partnered with UK5G to produce a white paper that sets out the enormous opportunities and challenges for the UK Water Sector using Emerging Technologies.

The UK water industry is facing critical challenges it must address, if it is to continue to deliver safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable services. Emerging technologies, enabled by 5G communications, will drive change and bring new solutions to help the water industry address these challenges.

The paper identifies the core challenges for the water sector, notably: environmental impacts, effective management and exploitation of critical assets, and the changing nature of customer demands; it explores the opportunity to use 5G and associated enabling technology for its critical operations; and begins to redefine how the sector can lead on key environmental, customer and market defining issues, placing it at the forefront of core services provision.

The technology story is of convergence, set around a number of traditional favourites, namely of data to drive operational insights. Going forward, what is new and different is the way data is captured, moved, analysed and exploited by a new generation of connected technology.

5G can provide data connectivity with associated technologies, enabling compute on Edge, predictive analytics and scenario modelling – all converging to support future decision making on a new level – and all available today. It will also provide high bandwidth, low latency data exchange that aligns to the critical needs of the water sector with its asset-heavy footprint and extensive field force operational reach.

How the water sector chooses to apply the technology and which areas to focus on will be key to respond successfully to these challenges, unlock value and start to redefine customer and market operations.

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