Why are you pitching?

Date: Thursday 12th March 2020
Time: 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
Location: Use.Space, 31 Ardwick Green, Thirsk Street, Manchester, M12 6PN
Cost: Free
SME Club

In pitching, in presenting everything begins with "Why?". There is no greater creative question than "Why?". So we start here too.  And by exploring first what's  motivating you right now, using this truth you will find your real and best professional, presentation voice faster. You will also create a solid foundation to build any presentation or pitch on. Any lurking, naturally occurring nerves or fears will be faced and managed safely.

What you will get from this class/workshop

  1. Fresh or renewed confidence about your presentation and pitch skills
  2. Practical experience by doing short presentations, with feedback
  3. A simple but extraordinarily powerful tool to: create; structure; and refine any pitch or presentation you will ever do

Vibe: intense; fun; works right out of the box, practical learning that's transformative now. Dives deep into beliefs and theories about communication with materials and web links to grow your knowledge about pitching after the workshop at your own pace and learning style.

You leave with clearer pitch ideas and practical action plans to improve your next professional presentation.

About the Speakers:

Peter Rush - The Pitch School

Over 30 years now in the comms game means I am a very experienced strategic communications guy and a pitch coach working to board level advising: CEOs; managing partners; investors; big buyers; and key players at crucial messaging moments.

Recent projects, some highlights:

  • Leading better communications project for technology team in top-4 global insurance business. City of London.
  • Coaching client to win CEO position in top Lloyds market firm. And working on comms for his first 100 days strategy. City of London.
  • Advising on brand positioning for sale of Australian digital business based in Melbourne to Silicon Valley investors. Melbourne.
  • Leading the communications strategy to win a major gateway lean consulting contract with National Grid USA via complex tender and pitch process in UK and USA.
  • Preparing school students in Dubai for their pitches to global investors in a worldwide competition. Dubai.

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