Politics 101 and an introduction to Public Affairs

Date: Tuesday 29th January 2019
Time: 08:00 AM - 09:30 AM
Location: B Works, 48 - 50 Market Street, , M4 3AT
SME Club

Do you know what public affairs is? Have you considered how the politics could affect your work and business? Have you ever engaged with politicians locally or nationally?

Politics affects everything we do. From Brexit to bins, we all feel the impact of the decisions our elected representatives make in the town halls of Greater Manchester and in Westminster. It is vitally important that our voices are heard and that we positively influence these decision makers.

Grayling’s Politics 101 and introduction to Public Affairs will give you the oversight of the current political landscape in Greater Manchester and nationally and then introduce you to Public Affairs, highlighting the risks and opportunities that they could bring in 2019 and what you should be doing to mitigate them.

About the Speakers:

Christopher Peacock Director -

Chris has a decade of working in political and community communications. He specialises in providing support for clients who operate in the north of England having spent most of his career in the region. Chris has work on community engagement projects across the private and public sectors from generating support to conveying complex issues to the community.

Prior to joining, he was a local councillor at Bolton Council where he was the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Sport. As Cabinet Member he led community engagement activities across his departments where he had to explain complex service changes to both proactive and unengaged members of the local community through various methods.

Chris has worked with key clients such as Transport for the North, Cadent Gas, and Peel.

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