Why is Inclusive Design a BIG DEAL?

Wednesday, 11th November 2020

Guest post by Dave Jackson, Associate Director – Engine Transformation

The purpose of inclusive design is clear-cut: “to make sure everyone who needs to access your service can use it”1.

And while lockdown meant slowdown for most sectors, it massively accelerated demand for online services. From shopping to banking, communication to entertainment, COVID-19 has driven people to do more online.

As many commentators have pointed out, we’ve moved five years forward in a matter of months. But there are still millions of people who struggle to use digital products and services because the design process fails to understand their needs. In the UK, it is estimated that 10% of the population have dyslexia, 1 in 6 have the reading age of an 11-year-old and 6.6 million people suffer from dyspraxia2, these challenges can lead to people struggling online. With an aging population it is predicted that just “7% of over 70’s are likely to have the capability to shop and manage their money online”3.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digitised, it is apparent that we’re not “all in this together”.